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How It Works

Full Body Audit

Complete our comprehensive questionnaire and provide us your recent Laboratory test results to complete our full body audit and gain insight into your current health status.

Integrated Urinalysis Panel

We will order an Integrated Urinalysis Panel, this is an epigenetic predictor of health issues well before they manifest into a disease state. We will try to treat your health issues before the symptom progresses into a full blown, more serious, chronic condition.

Report Of Finding

You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your questionnaire, blood test interpretation and a detailed report on your 24 hour Urinalysis. We will outline a personalized care plan to help you reach your optimal genetic potential.

42-Day Doctor Supervised Program

Once we understand your current health, We will utilize our 42-day doctor supervised program to tailor a treatment plan to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being for lasting positive transformation and vitality.

How It Works


Complete our comprehensive questionnaire to gain insights into your current health, goals, and other areas of concern that help us tailor personalized solutions to optimize your well-being.


Receive a detailed analysis of your questionnaire with outlined areas of improvement and opportunities for growth, guiding our approach to your personalized wellness and care plans.


Based on the results of your questionnaire, we conduct thorough evaluations to identify underlying issues and develop targeted strategies for addressing your health concerns effectively and accurately.


Once we understand your current health, our doctor-supervised program offers holistic approaches to address your unique needs, ensuring your tailored solutions enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being for long-lasting positive transformation and vitality.

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Become a healthier, happier version of yourself with the care and support you deserve.
Our personalized programs empower you to achieve optimal well-being. Experience the transformational support of iHeal Center.
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iHeal Wellness Center

Doctor Supervised Program to a Healthier Lifestyle

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