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Dr. Reema Zereh B.S., D.C.

Hi, I’m Dr. Reema

Meet Dr. Reema Zereh, a beacon of hope and healing in the world of functional medicine.

With a deep understanding of chronic pain and personal experience overcoming health challenges, Dr. Zereh is not just a practitioner but a fellow traveler on the path to wellness. Having revolutionized patient care through her own journey through countless health conditions, she is dedicated to sharing the fastest and most affordable way to help you achieve your health goals.

Dr. Zereh is considered an expert in the field of functional medicine due to the number of patients she has helped and the amount of study she has had on the subject for
over 2 decades.

Dr. Zereh developed the Zereh Protocol. Watch patient testimonies and see how Zereh Protocol has positively changed their lives.

Join Dr. Zereh on a transformative journey to optimal wellness, where she not only “gets you” but has also “got you” covered every step of the way.
Contact us today, and let’s change your life!

I have a passion to help people like yourself lead healthier, happier lifestyles and dedicated my life to finding natural solutions to health problems.

I have been a member of the prestigious Doctors Speakers Bureau, a National non-profit organization composed of providers who educate their communities on Wellness and disease prevention—I received advanced training in nutrition, functional medicine, stress reduction, rehab techniques, and methods to improve body function.

I consider myself an expert on this topic due to the number of patients I have helped and the amount of study I have done on the subject over 2 decades. Moreover, I have developed the Zereh Protocol. Zereh Protocol is a revolutionary patient care protocol. Zereh Protocol could change your life and the lives of others you know. Please watch our patient testimonies and see how we have positively changed their lives. So, let’s start! Contact us today, and let’s change your life!

Dr. Reema Zereh

Founder & CEO

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