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Our 42-Day Wellness Program will provide you the tools to heal from inside out. Transform your health with the help of our team at iHeal Wellness Center.

Transform your health with the help of our team at iHeal Wellness Center. With our doctor-supervised wellness programs, we have the solutions to support your well-being. Start Healing today!

The Benefits of Doctor-Led Programs

Benefits of iHeal Program

Why Choose iHeal's
Doctor Supervised Program

Address the underlying causes of illness. Comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.

Treat each individual based on their unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Effective and targeted treatments.

Prevent illness and promoting overall health and well- being. Avoid developing chronic conditions.

Patients take an active role in their own health and well- being. Educated patients are empowered to make healthier choices.

Work collaboratively with other healthcare providers. Take a comprehensive and integrated approach to care.

6 Identify the root causes of illness. Help patients achieve long-term health and wellness.


What Our Customer Say!

- Natasha J. Fremont

Hi Everyone – I wanted to share my struggles and experience with weight lose. I have always been slightly overweight since I hit Puberty. Everyone around me was in shape but somehow I was the chosen one who had some added weight and too around the abdomen. Not a big deal, right? Those few extra pounds don’t hurt anyone… that’s what I kept hearing but I was unable to shake off those few extra lbs. Fast forward life to my 40’s, after getting married and moving to a new country – adapting to the new lifestyle – and 3 kids later, those few lbs added up to extra 40-45 lbs on my skeleton. I tried being highly active (I am an avid runner and likes to run for fun. I ran a half marathon recently during the lockdown) and thought I ate clean (I am pure vegetarian and don’t even eat grocery eggs) – so what could I be doing
Looking for a diet to follow in the USA for a vegetarian is no easy task as all diets require meat as protein and I cannot have it.
Finally heard about a program that Dr. Reema Zereh was running from a neighbor (she had success with the program as well) but I had my doubts as I have been diagnosed with PCOS after my 3rd child was born and it is literally impossible to lose any weight when you have hormonal issues. The 6 week program proved it wrong as I not only lost almost 19 lbs and 21 inches but also found out I was suffering from a leaky gut which was causing all the hormonal imbalance in the body. Fixing the problem helped me lose the stubborn weight that I was carrying all those years.
Dr. Reema Zeher not only provides an exceptional program but also encourages every step of the way to reach your goals. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from chronic weight


- Debbie H. Fremont

My review has 2 parts to it.
The first 9 days were pretty rough for me. I suffer from an auto immune & Fibromyalgia so I definitely wanted to
“Reset” my body & lose a few pounds. Along with the drops and diet, I went through some emotional release techniques to help with my Reset. I discovered these techniques were really needed by how my body responded. I was in a lot of pain but continued with the reset. I was only able to lose 2 pounds on my first round. The reason for this was because my body was in “stress” mode from the pain & it wouldn’t allow my body to be at rest to
I decided to do a second round once my body was out of the pain/stress. I took 1 week off then started up. The second round went so much better. My energy was better and I was able to lose 11 pounds. I also lost many inches throughout my body. I was very pleased and happy that I decided not to give up and tried again.
Throughout my journey Dr. Zereh was very supportive and patient with me. She helped explain why I wasn’t able to lose on my first round. Without her encouragement & love for helping others, I believe I would have just given
I definitely would recommend anyone that wants to start feeling more energized, more focused, less bloated & overall feeling like a better version of yourself, should give Dr. Zereh a call and give your body what it needs; A RESET!
Thank you Dr. Zereh for everything!


- Emily N. Union City

Since finishing the 9 day program my BP has improved and I am feeling so much better. I feel more energetic and am not getting any more neck pains like I used to. I also have had no cravings for sweets or junk food which I know are contributors to my weight and inflammation on my body. If anyone is interested in losing weight or achieving overall wellness, definitely check this place out.


iHEAL Center

How IHEAL is Different?

Why Choose Us?

Health App

Enjoy access to our proprietary health application, allowing you to seamlessly track your progress at every stage of your health journey so you know where to adjust and when to celebrate.

Ongoing Monitoring

Keep updated with your progress and receive ongoing support from our medical experts, ensuring you have all the tools and resources you need to achieve your desired results.

Always Doctor-Led

Our doctor-led programs give you access to medical experts and specialized expertise that you can truly benefit from as you make long-lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.


Each program focuses on the result, prioritizing your overall transformation at the core. Regardless of how long it takes, we help you achieve your goals and get those results.

Comprehensive Assessments

With our comprehensive assessments, your questions will always be answered. We ensure that throughout the program, you gain a greater understanding of your health and how to improve it in the future.

Evidence-Based Methods

As medical professionals, we recommend protocols based on current research and evidence in the field, ensuring you can trust our guidance to help you achieve your aspirations.

How It Works


Complete our comprehensive questionnaire to gain insights into your current health, goals, and other areas of concern that help us tailor personalized solutions to optimize your well-being.


Receive a detailed analysis of your questionnaire with outlined areas of improvement and opportunities for growth, guiding our approach to your personalized wellness and care plans.


Based on the results of your questionnaire, we conduct thorough evaluations to identify underlying issues and develop targeted strategies for addressing your health concerns effectively and accurately.


Once we understand your current health, our doctor-supervised program offers holistic approaches to address your unique needs, ensuring your tailored solutions enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being for long-lasting positive transformation and vitality.

About Us

About Dr. Reema

Hi, I’m Dr. Reema

I have a passion to help people like yourself lead healthier, happier lifestyles and dedicated my life to finding natural solutions to health problems.

I have been a member of the prestigious Doctors Speakers Bureau, a National non-profit organization composed of providers who educate their communities on Wellness and disease prevention—I received advanced training in nutrition, functional medicine, stress reduction, rehab techniques, and methods to improve body function.

I consider myself an expert on this topic due to the number of patients I have helped and the amount of study I have done on the subject over 2 decades.

Moreover, I have developed the Zereh Protocol. Zereh Protocol is a revolutionary patient care protocol. Zereh Protocol could change your life and the lives of others you know. Please watch our patient testimonies and see how we have positively changed their lives. So, let’s start! Contact us today, and let’s change your life!

Dr. Reema Zereh

Founder & CEO

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